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The smart way to Study, Learn and Pass GED®

Students work at their own pace and schedule exams once our pre-readiness testing has found students to be exam-ready.

Exams are written at any Boston College nearest to your location.

Monthly Fees: R500 per month, per student (includes all resources).
Exam Fees: $80USD per subject, per student, due at the time of booking.

What is the GED and is it accepted in South Africa?


The subjects offered in this course:

  • Math

  • English (RLA)

  • Integrated Science: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

  • Integrated Social Science: World History, World Geography, Political Science, Economics

Reasons to Choose GED®

  • A Viable Grade 12 Alternative

  • Recognized by SAQA (NQF 4)

  • Flexible

  • Affordable

  • Self-paced

  • Includes Bonus Resources

GED® Learning Package

Bonus Material & Links

Digital Lessons

Study Tips & Tricks

Typing Course

Free Placement Test

PDF Study Guide

All-inclusive when you sign up.

It's time to start investing in your child.

Our student managers and outstanding online learning program, provide students with a world-class learning experience that will help students reach their full potential as they prepare for university and beyond.

Fee Structure

Registration Fee

Individual - R1,000 per year

Family -      R1,500 per year

Subscription Fee

R400/student per month

Cottage School or Learning Centre?

Click/tap here to contact us about our special fee structure.



Internet Connection





Laptop / PC / Tablet with keyboard


Laptop minimum specs

1.6 or higher GHz processor
2 Gig RAM

Tablet minimum specs

Size:  10"

1.5 GHz processor or dual core

2 Gig RAM

External keyboard

External mouse/bluetooth mouse.

Digital Lessons

PDF Study Guide

Typing Course

Study Tips & Tricks

Free Placement Test

Bonus Material & Links

GED® Program

R 500

every month, per student

The smart way to study, learn and pass GED®.

14-day free trial available

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