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Welcome to your
Educ8 SA dashboard.

NEW STUDENT SIGNUP: Welcome aboard! Create a student profile for your aspiring scholar, whether they're dipping their toes in with a trial or ready to embark on a full educational voyage with Educ8 SA.

ADD STUDENT TO ACCOUNT: After your student's enriching 14-day trial, secure their place as official students with Educ8 SA. Simply complete this form, and they'll be seamlessly integrated into your centre's account, ready to conquer new academic horizons.

STUDENT PROGRESS: As a dedicated guide, you hold the key to your students' success. Here, you can access the MobyMax (Core Subjects) login page to monitor their progress and celebrate their achievements.

RESOURCES: Need a compass to navigate the educational seas? Explore our comprehensive resource page brimming with valuable information to empower both your centre and your students.

BOOKING PAGE: Our dedicated Alliance Officer awaits to help you chart a successful course for your students. Schedule a consultation to delve into our diverse curriculums and ensure your students have the tools they need to thrive.

LIVE STUDENT MANAGEMENT: Stay at the helm of your students' educational journey. This live list provides a comprehensive view of their curriculums, placement tests, reports, and invoicing, ensuring a smooth and successful academic voyage for all.

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

- Author Unknown

Centre Management Dashboard

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