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American High School Diploma Program

Gr. 9 - 12

Fully Accredited, Affordable and Flexible Online Learning

Our program lessons include more than 50,000 multimedia elements like interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, and off-computer assignments.

In addition, time-saving tools for teachers include automatic grading and lesson planning, a convenient internal messaging system, and streamlined data management for easy reporting.


Choose from a diverse list of elective subjects.

To graduate, just complete our leading world-class internationally accredited High School Diploma. Our modular, self-paced Grade 9 to 12 Digital Curriculum makes it easy.

With many diverse elective courses to choose from, our qualification prepares students for the challenges facing 21st Century Global Students.

Subjects & Credits

Students must have a total of 26 subject credits to graduate with the option to study at a tertiary institution. Once the student has been registered, they may choose their subjects from within our extensive elective list of faculties:

  • Fine Arts

  • Foreign Language

  • Technical Courses

  • Language Arts

  • Math

  • Science

  • History & Geography

  • Elective Subjects

In step with an ever-changing employment landscape, we offer a diverse kaleidoscope of subjects.

High School Learning Package

Core Subjects

Math, English, Science, Social Studies

Career Studies Course

Digital Literacy

World Languages

All-inclusive when you sign up.

It's time to start investing in your child.

Our student managers and outstanding online learning program, provide students with a world-class learning experience that will help students reach their full potential as they prepare for university and beyond.

Fee Structure

Registration Fee

Individual - R1,000 per year

Family -      R1,500 per year

Subscription Fee

R400/student per month

Cottage School or Learning Centre?

Click/tap here to contact us about our special fee structure.

Digital Literacy

Core Subjects: Math, Science, English, Social Studies

Career Studies Course

World Languages

Paid trial, fully refundable after 30 days

American High School Diploma Program

R 1,800

every month, per student

Our fully accredited American High School Diploma program.

14-day free trial available



Internet Connection





Laptop / PC / Tablet with keyboard


Laptop minimum specs

1.6 or higher GHz processor
2 Gig RAM

Tablet minimum specs

Size:  10"

1.5 GHz processor or dual core

2 Gig RAM

External keyboard

External mouse/bluetooth mouse.

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